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The New Bonart Electron E1 Electro-Surgery Unit With Titanium Electrodes

Bonart Electron E1 Electrosurg Unit

The New Bonart E1 Electron Electrosurgery unit comes with 7 Titanium Electrodes, 1 hand piece, 1 indifferent plate, 1 power cord, AND 1 foot switch.

The New Style Bonart Electrosurg Comes with Green titanium Electrodes that are stronger than the old style electrodes. Lasting longer and cutting better. Operation mode of cut, coagulation, cut-coagulation. 10 different power settings. Electrodes are autoclavable, 1/16" diameter shaft. Made universal to Fit other major electrorsurgery brands. The Bonart E1 Electrosurgery Unit Has a 18 Month Limited warranty

  • Operation frequency: 1.7 MHz
  • Output Power: 70 Watts

Unit Comes With

  • 7 New Style Stronger Titanium Electrodes
  • 1 hand piece
  • 1 indifferent plate
  • 1 power cord
  • 1 foot switch

 reg $ 799 Sale $ 479

New Model Bonart E1 Electrosurgery Unit Brochure

New Green Style Electrodes for Bonart Electrosurgery Unit

Bonart E1 Electrosurgery Unit Accessories

Green titanium Electrodes-Set of 7  No. ES $ 89.99

New Style Green titanium GT1-Spatula Shaped Electrode  No. GT1 $ 17.99

 New Green Style titanium GT2-Small Loop Electrode  No. GT2   $ 17.99  

New Green Style titanium GT3-Large Loop Electrode No. GT3 $ 17.99
New Green Style titanium GT4-Fine Wire Electrode No. GT4 $ 17.99

New Green Style titanium GT5-Heavy Wire Electrode No.  GT5 $ 17.99

New Green Style titanium GT8-Small Ball Electrode No. GT8  $ 17.99  

New Green Style titanium GT9-Heavy Ball Electrode No. GT9 $ 17.99

Blue Electrodes-Set of 7  No. ES $ 84.99

Blue T1-Diamond Shaped Electrode  No. T1 $ 15.99

 Blue T2-Small Loop Electrode  No. T2   $ 15.99  

Blue T3-Large Loop Electrode No. T3 $ 15.99
Blue T4-Fine Wire Electrode No. T4 $ 15.99

Blue T5-Heavy Wire Electrode No.  T5 $ 15.99

Blue T7-Fine Oval Loop Electrode No. T7  $ 15.99  

Blue T9-Heavy Ball Electrode No. T9 $ 15.99
Electrosurgery Handpiece For ART-E1 (Old Style Version 1) No. EU0003-012 $ 79.99
Electrosurgery Handpiece For ART-E1 (New Style Version 2) No. EU0003-312 $ 79.99
Indifference Plate (Old Style Small Plug) For Art E1 Electrosurg No. E40004-002 $ 49.99
Indifference Plate (New Style Big Plug) For Art E1 Electrosurg No. E40004-062 $ 49.99
Foot Pedal For Bonart Art E1 Electrosurg No. PP0031-002 $ 49.99
Bipolar Adapter For Bonart Art E1 Electrosurg (Version 1) No. EU0013-002 $ 69.99
Bipolar Adapter For Bonart Art E1 Electrosurg (Version 2) No. EU0013-022 $ 69.99

Electrodes for Bonart Electrosurgery Unit

Bonart Electrosurgery Handpiece and Difference Plate