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Bonart Electron E1 Electro-Surgery Unit

Bonart Electron E1 Electrosurg Unit

Bonart Electron ART-E1 Electrosurgery/cutting unit comes with 7 various pieces of electrodes, 1 hand piece, 1 indifferent plate, 1 power cord, AND 1 foot switch. Operation mode of cut, coagulation, cut-coagulation. 10 different power settings. Electrodes are autoclavable, 1/16" diameter shaft. Made universal to Fit other major electrorsurgery brands. The Bonart E1 Electrosurgery Unit Has a 18 Month Limited warranty

  • Operation frequency: 1.7 MHz
  • Output Power: 70 Watts

Unit Comes With

  • 7 various pieces of electrodes
  • 1 hand piece
  • 1 indifferent plate
  • 1 power cord
  • 1 foot switch

 reg $ 799 Sale $ 479

Bonart E1 Electrosurgery Unit Brochure

Electrodes for Bonart Electrosurgery Unit

Bonart E1 Electrosurgery Unit Accessories

Electrodes-Set of 7  No. ES $ 84.99

T1-Diamond Shaped Electrode  No. T1 $ 15.99

 T2-Small Loop Electrode  No. T2   $ 15.99  

T3-Large Loop Electrode No. T3 $ 15.99
T4-Fine Wire Electrode No. T4 $ 15.99

T5-Heavy Wire Electrode No.  T5 $ 15.99

T7-Fine Oval Loop Electrode No. T7  $ 15.99  

T9-Heavy Ball Electrode No. T9 $ 15.99
Electrosurgery Handpiece For ART-E1 (Old Style Version 1) No. EU0003-012 $ 79.99
Electrosurgery Handpiece For ART-E1 (New Style Version 2) No. EU0003-312 $ 79.99
Indifference Plate (Old Style Small Plug) For Art E1 Electrosurg No. E40004-002 $ 49.99
Indifference Plate (New Style Big Plug) For Art E1 Electrosurg No. E40004-062 $ 49.99
Foot Pedal For Bonart Art E1 Electrosurg No. PP0031-002 $ 49.99
Bipolar Adapter For Bonart Art E1 Electrosurg (Version 1) No. EU0013-002 $ 69.99
Bipolar Adapter For Bonart Art E1 Electrosurg (Version 2) No. EU0013-022 $ 69.99

Bonart Electrosurgery Handpiece and Difference Plate